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Dedicated to providing the best

in gynaecological treatment.

Dedicated to providing the best in gynaecological treatments



Professor Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami is passionate about women's health and the pursuit of answers to gynaecological problems.

At this point in her remarkable career, she is able to offer a very knowledgeable, caring and comprehensive service to women suffering from a wide range of medical issues.  Further details are listed on the Services page.


Professor Ghaem-Maghami is AXA and BUPA fee assured, and will adhere to all other insurance company fees for procedures.


For self-paying patients, the initial consultation fee is £300.

Follow-up consultation is £250.

Second opinion consultation is £400.

Colposcopy is £180.





“'Thank you...for your support with my recent operation...You are an amazing doctor and I feel privileged to be one of your patients.” CB


“I just wanted to express my eternal gratitude for the help you gave my mum...You went the extra mile on 3 occasions to save her life...You were caring and brave...You have all made me feel safe and secure in the knowledge that everything that could be done for mum would be done, and I appreciate the gave her another 9 years.” JW

"Thank you for the chance that you gave me to see the sky again, to be with my family and enjoy my life!  From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!"  AD

“Words aren't enough to say thank you for everything you've done for our family these past few years.  Thank you for all your kindness, reassurance and help on our rather long journey to create our amazing daughter... none of this would have been possible without are still our angel!"  PW

“Your intervention saved (my wife's) life, and for this

we will never, EVER be able to repay you.  We are also eternally grateful for the manner in which you supported her confidence and faith in the outcome prior to the surgery, and how gently you guided us through the inevitable shock of the pathology results.  There's no way to go through any of this without trauma, but if someone must go through it at all, it is the ultimate blessing that this difficult journey began with your surgical expertise, your warmth, sincerity and empathy, and the efforts of your amazing team.”   ST

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